The All Rounder

Classic Burger, Small Side and A Fresh & Fizzy for £9.95. Offer available from 5pm everyday* Upgrade to a beer or glass of wine. Choose from ½ pint (284ml) of San Miguel or a 175ml glass of housewine for £2 more.

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*Terms and conditions: Offer available daily from 5pm. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer, set menu or reward on the GBK app. All our beef burgers are cooked medium unless specifically requested otherwise. Burgers cooked medium rare carry a higher risk of food poisoning. Unlike a steak, a burger needs to be cooked through to reduce that risk. The Food Standards Agency recommends that children, pregnant women and anyone with a weaker immune system have their burgers well done. We use lots of different ingredients in our kitchens so cannot guarantee that our food is completely free of any allergens. If you require allergy information, please ask one of our team. We change our recipes from time to time, so please check regularly.

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